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Furnace Replacement & More in Red Deer

A typical older furnace is only 55-60% efficient, meaning 40-45% of your fuel dollar escapes out the chimney, wasting heat. On the other hand, a Goodman® furnace burns the gas at an efficiency rate of 95% or more! That means you not only save money, but it's environmentally friendly!

Add to that a variable speed blower that allows you to run in a low-heat capacity when less warmth is needed, or higher capacity for those really cold days, and your efficiency climbs even higher. Contact us to learn more about your options for furnace replacement in Red Deer.

Comfort & Durability

Comfort in your home is our priority. The Comfortec/Goodman® furnaces keep your home at a constant, enjoyable level of warmth and they do the job quietly! Nobody likes being jolted from a deep sleep by a noisy furnace surging on. Our furnaces produce just 25% of the normal high-fire and circulating blower sound, plus the steel cabinets are fully insulated to reduce sound even further.

Durability is built into every Comfortec furnace. The patented Goodman® heat exchangers endure Canadian temperatures, and silicon nitride igniters are significantly more durable and longer-lasting than conventional ignition systems. Comfortec furnaces safely provide the right amount of heat at every start-up.

Our Comfort Advisors serve Lancomb for furnace replacement options. They can work with you to determine the best heating solution for your home. An experienced and knowledgeable Advisor will come to your home to assess your particular design and needs, and give you options that will satisfy the most discerning customer (You can also check the FAQ tab on this site for some of the more common questions).

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Multi-Zone Heating is our SPECIALTY!

Warm bed room & living room
Forced air multi-zone systems allow a single furnace and air conditioner to serve several separate zones at once. This is a reliable and efficient way to control the heating or cooling in a home, especially for multiple levels, rooms with large windows and open concept homes. With the flexibility of a thermostat in each zone, there’s no more cranking up the settings in one area to affect another. You save energy costs by cooling or heating only the occupied zones of your home during the day or night.

Honeywell Thermostats

Digital room temperature control system
Honeywell has over a century of experience in designing products that stand the test of time, and is the innovative leader in managing temperature and indoor comfort. Talk to us about the VisionPRO 8000 programmable thermostat, an easy-to-use energy saving thermostat that fits a wide range of heating and cooling systems. The VisionPRO 8000 boasts a touch screen that guides users through set-up and use, a clock that automatically updates for daylight savings time and keeps time during a power failure, and armchair programming – no need to be connected to the wall while you customize it!