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Control the Moisture in Your Home

Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is proud to offer our customers a range of options for controlling the humidity levels in their home. When cold weather hits, the air in your home can become dry and uncomfortable. We offer our customers in Red Deer and beyond a variety of choices in ways to fight back. Contact us today.


Whole house humidification is available in efficient and eco-friendly systems. Plus, humidified air feels warmer. Honeywell offers several humidifier options to suit your home, your lifestyle and your heating system. Give us a call to discuss options for installation.


For a comfortable, healthy home, the GENERALAire® Flow-Thru humidifier is your choice. Virtually everything in your home made from wood needs moisture. Hardwood floors, pianos, guitars, furniture, doors and window frames all benefit from having a home that is properly humidified.

Still want more information on GENERALAire® humidifiers? Click here to visit the GENERALAire® website.