FAQ | Questions About Air Conditioners

Answers About Cooling Systems

If you have questions about air conditioners and cooling systems, we at Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. in Red Deer hope this page can help you find some answers. If you still have concerns, feel free to contact us directly as well.

Do we really need an air conditioner in Alberta weather?

The ability to control the comfort of your home year-round is priceless. Most new homes are built so tightly sealed that summer heat becomes trapped and difficult to ventilate. An air conditioning system guarantees fresh, clean and comfortable air. Also, with air conditioning you can keep your windows and doors closed for a dust-free environment, cooking and oven use is not restricted, and your sleeping comfort is enhanced. Why work and travel in air-conditioned offices and vehicles, then come home to a hot house? We can make your home temperature just right all year.

If I am thinking of putting in an air conditioner at a later date, should I consider any preparatory work when my furnace is being installed?

You can save costs by installing the air conditioner coil at the same time as the furnace because adaptations do not have to be made later. Venting and lines for both furnace and air conditioning can be installed at the same place and time.

Why doesn’t air conditioning work in cooler outside temperatures?

Manufacturer’s specifications and designs do not allow the air conditioning unit to operate under certain conditions to protect the condenser and coil.

What is a roof-top air conditioner?

This is a unit specifically designed to be mounted on roof-tops, and is usually used in commercial settings.