FAQ | Questions About Getting Started

Why do you come to our home to make an estimate rather than quote over the phone?

Whether building a new home or replacing your old furnace, there are many variables in selecting the right furnace or air conditioner for your home, such as total square footage, number of windows, age of your home, and the degree of difficulty for access and installation. All of these factors and more are taken into consideration.

How long is a quote in effect?

Thirty days from the date of the quote.

At what stage in building my new home should I call for an estimate?

The sooner the better! As soon as you have completed plans, you can call our estimator or bring the plans to our office. If you have already started building, we should be notified as soon after your foundation is completed as possible.

What are the rough-in and completion stages in new home installation?

Rough-in begins after the framing of your home, and includes installing all the ductwork and sheet metal. Completion is when the furnace and/or air conditioner coil are actually put in place. This is often completed as soon as the builder needs heat for other building stages.