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Straightforward Pricing Service Program

When you call Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning for service, we will dispatch our technicians as soon as possible to your home or business. Our technicians are highly trained and background tested so you can be comfortable with the service you will receive. Our Straightforward Pricing guide guarantees the cost of the repair service, no matter how long it takes to fix your problem.

Repairs are categorized in several levels so that we can quote the price of your repair on the spot. A diagnostic/callout fee is a flat rate regardless of how long it takes to identify your problem. Your entire system will be thoroughly checked and tested. Once the problem is located, our technician will explain what the problem is, what options are available to you, and how your particular situation can be repaired. You have peace of mind knowing that the quoted price will not change.
(Please note that some repairs, replacements or installations will require a specialized quote outside of our Straightforward Pricing guide due to the nature and cost of the part or labour.)

After Hours Calls

No matter what time you call, you will be answered by a live receptionist who will transfer you to our on-call technician. After discussing the problem with you, the technician will determine the level of the emergency and respond accordingly.
(Depending on the nature of the emergency, some calls will be responded to immediately, while others will be placed on a priority system to be attended to as soon as possible.)

Safety Inspections

Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is the only Central Alberta company qualified and trained to use the exclusive Inspector™ video camera to examine your heat exchanger for safety and performance.

Over time, the heat exchanger in a furnace can develop cracks that allow dangerous carbon monoxide to escape into the heating system. Some of these cracks are not readily visible and can only be seen from the inside and/or under certain circumstances. Our service technicians have received special training to use the patented Inspector™ video camera to inspect your heat exchanger for safety levels. The technician will review the video with each client home owner and explain the findings of the inspection. The video file is then kept for comparisons with future inspections.