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Hot Water On Demand

Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. in Red Deer can help you replace your hot water tank with a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. Tankless hot water systems, often called “on demand” systems, use less natural gas to heat your water as it is needed, rather than maintaining a full tank. Delivery to your taps is as quick as a water tank, but it takes up less room and only heats the water as it is used. You can run two or more showers at the same time, and it’s also easier to clean and maintain, so it lasts a lot longer.

Higher efficiency tankless water heaters result in lower exhaust temperatures that allow the use of PVC or other plastic venting materials rather than a chimney installation.

Ask our Comfort Advisors about your options for tankless hot water.


Navien condensing tankless water heaters supply unlimited hot water at a steady temperature whenever you need it and for as long as you need it. Navien water heaters create a more comfortable living environment. The industry’s highest energy efficiency at 98% means the lowest annual operating costs and best payback compared with conventional tankless or tank-type water heaters.

Still want more information on Navien condensing tankless water heaters? Click here to visit the Navien website.


Rheem® tankless water heaters offer all the hot water you could want, right when you want it. These are compact-sized units that offer an energy efficient design along with extremely precise temperature control. These units are a great solution to help heat your water at home, without running the risk of running out in the middle of a shower.

Still want more information on Rheem® tankless water heaters? Click here to visit the Rheem® website.