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Offering Humidifiers, Electronic Air Filtering & More in Red Deer

At Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. in Red Deer, our team offers more than just air conditioners and heating systems. Our customers have come to count on us for an array of solutions to make their homes more comfortable, including options such as garage heaters, electronic air filtering and more. We invite you to explore some of these options, including:

Tankless hot water
Air cleaning solutions

Garage heaters

Ask about our low financing, low monthly payment options available. Contact us today to discuss financing options that are right for you.

Tankless Hot Water

Tankless hot water systems, often called “on demand” systems, use less natural gas to heat your water as it is needed, rather than maintaining a full tank. Delivery to your taps is as quick as a water tank, but it takes up less room and only heats the water as it is used. You can run two or more showers at the same time, and it’s also easier to clean and maintain, so it lasts a lot longer. Higher efficiency tankless water heaters result in lower exhaust temperatures that allow the use of PVC or other plastic venting materials rather than a chimney installation.

Navien condensing tankless water heaters supply unlimited hot water at a steady temperature whenever you need it and for as long as you need it. Navien water heaters create a more comfortable living environment. The industry’s highest energy efficiency at 98% means the lowest annual operating costs and best payback compared with conventional tankless or tank-type water heaters.

Rheem® tankless water heaters offer all the hot water you could want, right when you want it. These are compact-sized units that offer an energy efficient design along with extremely precise temperature control. Rheem® units are a great solution to help heat your water at home, without running the risk of running out in the middle of a shower.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

We are proud to offer heat recovery ventilation an ideal option for Canadian climates. HRV keeps your home supplied with a steady flow of fresh, outdoor air. As stale, warm air is expelled, the heat recovery core warms the incoming fresh, colder air before it is distributed throughout the home. The result is a constant supply of fresh air, no unpleasant drafts and greater home comfort. Browse here for information on Venmar® HRVs.


When cold weather hits, the air in your home can become dry and uncomfortable and we offer a range of options for controlling the humidity levels in your home. Honeywell offers several humidifier options to suit your home, your lifestyle and your heating system. For a comfortable, healthy home, the GENERALAire® Flow-Thru humidifier is your choice. Virtually everything in your home made from wood needs moisture. Hardwood floors, pianos, guitars, furniture, doors and window frames all benefit from having a home that is properly humidified.

Air Cleaning Solutions

If you are asthmatic, have a sensitivity to dust or have other health concerns, an air filtration system can enhance the comfort and health of your home. Or, if you just want to be more ecologically friendly, we can find a solution for you from our many suppliers. We carry several products that clean your air and are easy to install and maintain. Electronic filtration devices can rival and even exceed the efficiency of HEPA type filters. We will advise you on what type and make of air cleaner is right for you.

Garage Heaters

Do you have a workspace that you want heated? A garage heater can keep these spaces warm and comfortable. We can heat everything from your garage to your barn or shop with the right unit for your space.

Sterling® heaters make your garage more usable and efficient. Car engine wear and tear is reduced by eliminating cold starts. Paints and other chemicals can be safely stored without threat of freezing. Your children and infants will keep warm while transferring from home to car.

Low clearance infrared heating systems provide comfortable, energy efficient and reliable warmth for a variety of satisfied customers. Whether you want to heat a garage, shop, bar or other workspace, we will be able to supply the right Calcana® product for your environment.

Other radiant and forced air heaters may be more ideal to your work space. Our Comfort Advisors are trained to evaluate your situation and advise you of the best options. Contact us today to get started.


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Comfortec Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. delivers quality, energy efficient products and services to enhance the comfort of our customers.

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